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DSI-PBL multiple activation bypass systems


SOS is an authorised distributor for DSI-PBL Multiple Activation Bypass Systems for Australia, New Zealand & Papua New Guinea. As such, SOS is in a position to offer its customers in the territory, a well-proven and effective solution to a multitude of potential problems encountered during drilling, completion and work-over phases.




PBL® Multiple Activation Autolock Bypass System is a simple, reliable system that can assist operators in reducing drilling costs associated with different types of hole conditions. Originally developed to enable the aggressive pumping of LCM and to increase circulation rates for enhanced hole cleaning, the PBL has evolved to benefit many applications in the drilling, completion and work-over phases of a well. This includes:


  • Lost Circulation during all drilling phases.

  • Displacement during work-over and completions.

  • Horizontal thru tubing rotary drilling.

  • Stuck pipe scenarios.

  • Horizontal acidizing & stimulation.

  • Under-balanced drilling.

  • Special application coring and under-reaming techniques.

  • Fixed cutter/bi-centre bits or hole enlargement applications.

  • Sub-sea riser/BOP jetting.

  • Tripping dry pipe.

  • Filling drill string while running in hole.

  • Reverse circulation.

  • Shocking Pipe to remove scale and debris.


unique features 


  • The PBL tool will close when the pumps are shut down, minimising a U-tube effect or possible well control issues that can occur if ports remain open.

  • The PBL’s auto-lock option allows for pulling a dry work string or filling the drill string while tripping in hole. The auto-lock option also provides an option to reverse circulate if necessary.

  • The PBL can be cycled numerous times in a single trip.

  • The ball shearing pressure (hence the deactivation pressure) can be pre-set to the operator’s preference.

  • The main body and the catcher sub can be placed in split configuration in different sections of the BHA to optimise work string operations.



PBL’s product range

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