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PBL’s product range


Standard Ball Drop System


This is a ball activation / de-activation system. Applications and feature as described above.


Sliding Sleeve Big Bore (SSBB) System


To answer the drilling industry’s need for an efficient circulating sub that can be used in conjunction with retrievable MWD probes, DSI introduces the SSBB system. This tool provides the same reliability associated with DSI’s PBL® Multiple Activation Auto-lock Bypass System as well as the same industry proven functionality.


Unique features of this tool are:


  • An unlimited number of cycles – Wireline Retrievable dart activation system.

  • Large ID provides the Operator with the ability to deploy or retrieve probe style MWD sensors, drilling tools, or core barrels while still maintaining the ability to activate the SSBB tools.


The SSBB has the same applications and features as the Standard PBL tool and is most suitable for wells not exceeding 65 degrees of deviation


Multiple Activation Jetting System


The PBL® Multiple Activation Jetting Tools utilise the same industry proven components used in the PBL® Multiple Activation Bypass System. Enhanced cleanout operations are conducted through an array of jet nozzles positioned throughout the sleeve. 




  • It is a totally balanced system that is unaffected by hydrostatic pressure.

  • The ball shearing pressure can be set to operator’s preference.

  • The shear pressure can be set high to “shock” the drill pipe to aid in scale and cement removal.

  • The tool can be cycled multiple times in single trip.


Applications include:


  • Cleanout of BOP, risers, liner hangers and liner tops without additional pipe trips.

  • Increased flow rates to aid in hole cleaning during displacements.

  • Can be utilised in conjunction with various brush and cleanout tools for maximum riser clean-up.

  • When included as part of the drilling BHA, cleanouts can be conducted while tripping out of hole without rotation of drill pipe.



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