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equipment rental, product sale & ancillary services


Through its association with a number of reputable, multinational service companies and manufacturers, SOS is proud to offer the following products to the market:


  • Drill pipe, HWDP, Drillcollars & accessories.

  • Test string & associated tools.

  • Tubular handling equipment.

  • Tubular Running Equipment & Services.

  • PBL Multiple Activation Bypass Systems.

  • BHA components.

  • Drilling Enhancement Products.

  • Torque & Drag Reducing Devices.

  • Casing Wear Protection Devices.

  • Directional Products.

  • Casing Accessories & Reaming Shoes.

  • Drill Bits.

  • Seamless casing & liners for standard and extreme service applications.

  • Tubular protection & handling systems.



equipment sourcing & procurement


Not having a presence in the country can place many obstacles in your way to provide exceptional service to your customers. For example, problems can arise with sourcing or procuring correct parts or components for your equipment. SOS can offer you peace of mind, and you can be confident that any material procured on your behalf will be exactly as per the specifications and tolerances you require.

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