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quality, health, safety and environment policy

SOS’ commitment to its personnel, customers, suppliers, the environment, and the general public is indisputable. It is SOS’ irrevocable policy to provide a working environment where all personnel can carry out their respective functions in a safe, efficient and productive manner. This Policy dictates that people, the environment and physical structures will be protected against potential loss that may directly, or indirectly, exist as a result of the company's operations.


In carrying out this policy, the company recognises the need for:


  • Dedication of time and effort directed at loss prevention.

  • Provision of competent professional supervision.

  • Identification of all hazards, and management of the associated risks.

  • Allocation of human and financial resources to achieve the above.


The company, its management, and personnel shall continually strive for excellence through increased levels of Service Quality, Safety and Productivity. To achieve these objectives, we shall endeavour to maintain the highest practicable standards as recognised by the customers, organisations, and communities we serve.


This shall encompass:


  • Continued training of all company personnel.

  • Adherence to documented Company Policy and Procedures.

  • Recognition of our responsibility to our customers.

  • Continued improvement in our practices.


All personnel within the company shall be competent to perform their respective duties in accordance with the SOS’ Integrated QHSE Management System as based on the systems and standards of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.


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